The Best Vegas Hotels when Traveling with Kids and Families
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The Best Vegas Hotels when Traveling with Kids and Families

Are you planning a family get away to the city of lights?  Well, have no fear there are ways to do it during these rough economical times and save yourself a bundle.

There are quite a few great hotels now located in Las Vegas that are very family oriented, but first you will want to ask yourself this question, what is age appropriate for my kids?  If your answer is clowns, fun games and more.  Then your best bet is to look no further than the one and only Circus Circus hotel.  This hotel has it all for everyone in the family and it is economical to stay at.

The room rates range from $30 and up, depending on the size and location in the hotel that you are looking for.  Frankly, if you aren't going to be spending a lot of time in the room, you may opt to stay in the older portion of the hotel and save yourself a few bucks.  The rooms are nice and big and well furnished with a small fridge, microwave and coffee maker, perfect to have small morning meals in.  If you are like many attempting to save, you can have cereal and fruit in the morning with your kids, then maybe also plan to have lunch in your room with sandwiches and quick to make noodle soups to fill the bellies up for the day.  Then pick one of the many hotels through out the vast hotel for dinner.  There are a lot.

If you have 3 or more children this is a lot better vacation then many of the resorts around the world.  For a week you can stay and play for under $1,000, where as if you go to California, to you know where, you can spend that and more for just 2 days.  In Las Vegas there is a lot to see and do not only at the hotel the whole city is loaded with attractions for the entire family.

In the Circus Circus hotel, you could spend an entire day in the Adventure Dome with the kids riding the rides and having a great time.  Then venture off for a great dinner at one of the all you can eat buffets, if you have big eaters, you can get your money's worth.

If you choose to spend a week, there are a lot of things to do around Las Vegas.  Take your kids to a real working damn, Hoover Dam.  They can even stand in two different states at the same time.  The Arizona and Nevada border has a line drawn across the bridge for you to do so.  Have fun with pictures and the family.  Don't forget to take a tour, the kids can learn a lot about how the dam generates energy for the city of Las Vegas.

Ready for a little dip in some water, head over to Lake Mead, or if you don't want rocks and dirt in your swim suit, head back to the Circus Circus for a little dip in the pool. They have a great out door pool, keep the kids and you cooled off for a bit before the night life is set to begin.

Circus Circus has some great shows for the family to check out and enjoy, or you can hit the town on foot to see what shows light up the night sky around the city.  Walking is a great way to get around down town, don't forget to take a camera with you, catch some great evening shots.

During the day, check out some of the fun stores and museums, I'll bet you didn't know this, but M&M and Coca Cola both have huge stores in the downtown area. Many high end stores are also located in Las Vegas, but if you are on a budget you may want to just look and see how the other half lives.

Now, if you are like many families staying put in one place can be a better way to go, well Circus Circus is great for that type of vacation. If you played at the Adventure Dome, time to head to the Midway and experience the wonderful games, win that trouphy stuff doll or how about a gold fish.  You could take Hurbert home with you provided he makes the trip.  The great thing about Circus Circus is the fact that you can spread out your trip within a week inside the hotel and have a great family fun time.

Want to take a nice walk, venture down to Freemont Street for the "Freemont Experience"  you will be amazed at the great light shows that get put on thanks to the dome over this portion of the city.  There are a lot of vendors and hotels in this area to check out, some of the famous Las Vegas signs are now protected in this area so they will have a longer life span for many to enjoy.  Day or night this is a great place to walk around in with the kids.

At night, if your children are old enough to leave in the room, mom and dad can venture down to the casino areas for a little poker action or take in a show for themselves.  The sky is the limit and heck if you know how to shop, you can do it all for under $1,000 for the week.  Stop by the Las Vegas Visitor's Center while visiting, they have some great discount books that will help make your stay even more economical.

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Hello lady I am glad I could help.

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